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In a realm where art transcends reality, behold the awe-inspiring masterpiece that is a 1.2 ultra-detailed official CG unity wallpaper. This enchanting portrayal features a character with long, flowing locks cascading like a river of ebony sorrow. She stands resplendent in her cool, ethereal attire, a beacon of sadness amidst a world of vibrant colors.Her eyes, a perfect window to the soul, are filled with an overwhelming despair as tears flow gracefully down her porcelain cheeks. The juxtaposition of her elegant bikini and the white braid adorning her hair creates a stark yet exquisite contrast.Every inch of this artwork is saturated with detail, with colors that resonate at an astonishing 1.4 vibrancy. The face of the character is a marvel of perfection, showcasing advanced anime visuals that are nothing short of stunning. In the foreground, a majestic scene unfolds, as if plucked from the realm of dreams. The ethereal illumination bathes the surroundings in a breathtaking glow, casting a simultaneous contrast between light and darkness that leaves the viewer spellbound.The atmosphere is rich and beautiful, with layered topography that adds depth and complexity to the composition. The character embodies a valkyrie-like grace, evoking a sense of awe and wonder.This AR 9:16 composition is a testament to the artist
Close up a photo ,(ultra detailed), (official art, extremely detailed CG unity wallpaper, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), long hair,cry ,Dress coolly, sadness,Tears flowed,wear bikini , white hair, braid, extremely detailed,(colorful:1.4), (extremely_detailed), (perfect face), detailed anime visuals Advanced stunning epic magical picture full of details, majestic scene, beyond beautiful ethereal majestic illumination, simultaneous contrast, stunning artwork, beautiful atmosphere, layered topography, (valkyrie) , --ar 9:16
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