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In the realm of lyrical prose, where sentiments intertwine with imagery, we delve into the narrative of two young girls experiencing their first taste of love.

Thuy Kieu and Thuy Van share more than just familial ties; they are sisters bound by blood and affection. Yet, as individuals, they stand distinct, like two separate entities, each possessing a unique allure.

Van exudes an air of solemnity, her demeanor reminiscent of a moon casting its serene glow upon the world. Her features, plump and molded like the moon itself, bounce light with every movement, creating an aura of dignified grace.

In contrast, Kieu embodies a more vibrant essence, her presence akin to a blooming flower adorned with pearls of elegance. As clouds release their water and snow yields to the warmth of skin, her spirit shines forth with an edgy yet alluring charm.

Their love stories unfold against a backdrop of natural imagery, where autumn waters mingle with spring mountains, and jealousy lurks like a shadow among the petals of blue willow flowers. Despite their shared experiences, each girl possesses a unique talent, capable of drawing admiration and envy alike.

Their artistic inclinations transcend mere skill, infused with the innate intelligence of nature itself. Like the delicate strokes of a brush on canvas, their paintings emanate the scent of a melodious song, captivating all who behold them.

Amidst the grandeur of the commercial palace and the mastery of private professions, their talents shine brightly, surpassing even the most revered instruments like the huqin. Hand-picked songs weave tales of love and longing, echoing through the corridors of time, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who hear them.

Yet, amidst the romance and artistry, a sense of melancholy pervades, as the passage of time weighs heavily on their souls. The weather mirrors their emotions, ablaze with hues of red and pink, while the promise of spring brings a fleeting sense of hope.

As the curtains softly drape and walls become adorned with butterflies and bees, the world outside fades into obscurity, leaving only the warmth of love and the comfort of home.
The two girls' first love (1),
Thuy Kieu is Thuy Van's sister.
The bones are separated from the spirit snow, (2)
Each person looks completely unique.
Van looks so solemn,
Mold plump moon bouncing his strokes. (3)
Flowers smile and pearls are dignified (4), Clouds lose water, hair and snow give way to skin.
The more edgy and salty the style,
Compared surface is the more talented back :
Autumn water and spring mountains (5),
United jealous loser poor petal blue willow hon.
One or two tilts the water to become (6), Sac can only ask for one talent, but can draw two).
Intelligent nature is inherent in nature, The skill of painting is full of the scent of singing.
The five-syllable floor of the commercial palace (8), the private profession surpasses the huqin (9) by one level (10)
Hand-picked songs create chapters (11), A thousand years of fate makes people even more depressed (12)
The weather is very red and pink (13), Spring is green until about the next week.
The curtains are softly draped, the walls are crowded with butterflies and bees (14) leaving no one to go home.
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